How to make a You Tube Video and Making a download from You Tube.


Dealing with videos is the most relevant thing here. One must develop a good and interesting video which goes by the subject or category of the You Tube channel.


A video is a computer file which has motion technology incorporated in it. It is created in many ways. The most crucial thing is recording of an event or activity that is going on or taking place.

This the initial way to produce the first original work. The file is created in this way using a camera device with the camera software, under the most favourable condition. Of course, to have a simple clear video that is not blurred, lighting must introduced in the recording environment or space. Ensure that the camera settings are at the uttermost, and that there is a sufficient memory space available.

The video produced is a raw file produced whether you believe it or not. This is because the video before being posted online on a website like You Tube, it has undergo a processing and copyright inspection to prepare it for views.


The video is converted into the most fitting quality. A video can be in HD, High Definition or HQ, High Quality. Sometimes a person can see things like 144p, 240p, 360p, 480p, 720p, and 1080p or 4K. These refer to qualities of videos and how easy it is to view the videos from a smart screen. The higher the definition value the better the quality of the video.

This implies that a video’s size has to vary in size as the quality and retention increases, per a period of time. Therefore, creation of a 1080p or 4K video that is long to about 60 minutes would require even up to 3GB of memory. To live stream or download the file from You Tube or any other website, it would take (3× 1024MB) of data bundles from the internet.

Similarly, that is the same amount that would have consumed before when upload the work into You Tube channel or a server via any other website. Editing can take place in the process of uploading the work into You Tube or after. Remember that one may decide to make changes.


Changes in the file can be in the audio, where the initial unnecessary noise is eliminated. Such noise comes from environmental interruptions while recording is being done. Such is replaced by new, sweet, enjoyable and interesting music audios inbuilt in the You Tube or created by a party in a studio.

Different types of music are created, proportional to the time a video would take before it ends. Also, the video’s physical colour is changed to make it look more impressing and pleasant. The colours are also changeable, like how the Instagram does, they can change into dark, moon, lark and many others.

Downloading a video from You Tube !

Downloading a video from You Tube is a process which involves copying a video file from the web into a personal computer, smart phone, tablet or desktop. The file is duplicate of the original and carries with itself the initial copyright.

The copyright refers to the right to copy the work done, which is a permission from the owner of the file, work or the video downloaded from You Tube, given to the authorized party only. There, the download video is limited to being reposted to any other legal site on the internet. The download should be of the best quality and does not have to be blurred.

We can use very many sites and applications from Google Play Store, Windows Store and App Store too to get You Tube videos. Such sites are complex considering their first development and launch. They are highly developed by programmers to ensure safe and ideal download of video and music files.

1) ( )

One site is the, both website and App. ( http// ) This is a site, sounding like a Hindi. It is not available on any Store popularly known or familiar to anybody. This site is available on the net by its own name. This is very fantastic and incredible as far as both application development and certification are concerned.

There are not any negative or horrible user ratings on the app of course. It’s services are up to the mark.

This site is legal and does not self replicate on computer systems or Management Information Systems to cause any harm or damage.

Moreover, it is able to produce both download capabilities for new and old mobiles, which implies that it is operating on a robust and good database and archiving system.

Files downloaded using this application are of quality sound and graphics. The quality demanded by the users or customers is actually the quality downloaded and notifications show on the top bar of the screen. There are over 1 million users of this good looking site.

Downloading videos from You Tube is very easy. The site is incorporated with an MP3 converter, which a software that is used to convert the video audio from You Tube into an MP3 file, which is playable all the music apps from Google Play Store, App Store and Windows Store too. Transferring the same MP3 from download file to any other device Operating on a different OS is safe too. The file play without pausing, since sometimes files are partially downloaded due to insufficient internet bundles.

The developer is not know since the private information about the developers and the company credentials remain concealed.
Using will only prove to be challenging when there are extensive ads appearing across the website and seem to cover up the whole page of the screen.

They are not yet enough since for every click to proceed to the next step of downloading a file, other new ads must come across. Click on them is usual and since the action is fast, it might end up leading the user to a strange destination with other ads too.

With the myriads of ads, the user is supposed to carefully use the website to ensure that there is right data usage. One can download files as long as the data bundles are available and gives a limit of up 60 minutes video or mp3 audio. Convention of longer videos was prohibited about 2 years ago.

However, at the past, one could download everything and also convert it into an audio mp3 without any limitation and frustrations by extensive ads. The many ads came later with the recent changes in the functioning of the website.

2) Free Make Video Access.

This is a software that has been diligently developed to assist in fast and easy extraction of video from You Tube. It is a fantastic software which orderly produces the videos from You Tube much differently from how the usual and popular Tubidy site ( ) does.

Freemake Video Downloader is a simple application with which you will be able to download videos from a large amount of websites. Furthermore, it offers you the possibility to easily convert the video format, or select the format that you prefer to download. Freemake Video Downloader will avoid complications and will allow you to save your favorite videos on your computer.

As long as the Personal Computer is connected to a faster internet than 2G, the download of large video files is done. Here, we look at download of big files like movies and series too. Therefore, videos going for longer that 60 minutes unlike in the case of (, can be downloaded safely and saved into the storage.

This has to begin by granting the app permissions, as directed by the Smart Phone’s settings app. It has to accessed storage if the mobile device is the being used. When using a laptop or desktop, the app must be installed after allowing it to modify the system settings which is following by an installation wizard and later the Free Make video access app icon appears in the screen.

This app is very powerful since it get s You Tube out of the blues, or from no where and any user who knows how to utilize the app does any download of You Tube videos to enjoy himself/herself. The download speeds and progress is clearly show on the screen, until the download is completed.

Features of this software:


This is a very important point which you need to know before using any new application or software on your PC. The available best features of Freemake Video downloader are going mentioned in the points below. So have a look on these points to get clear about this downloader more clearly.

  • This video downloader provides you a very good User Interface in which you can view the overall progress of the download, Downloading queue, download history, program settings, output file save options etc.
  • You can download multiple files at a time with the Batch download support.
  • HTML and Flash video download from the sites like Google, YouTube etc. get support.
  • In case of emergency, you can pause the current downloading and resume it later.
  • Predefined conversion format is available for all types of video files like you can convert into MP4, WMV, MKV, FLV, MP3, 3GP etc.
  • Download all the YouTube video resolutions using the Freemake Video Downloader starting from 4K videos to the 3GP videos.
  • Set the custom downloading speed control with the help of this software such that it will download in a limited speed without creating any traffic in your internet connection.
  • Via proxy connection also you can download the videos which are very much safe and secure to download. You will not get blocked to download any videos while you using the Proxy connection.
  • It supports the iTunes to automatic file export in Apple devices without using other complicated ways.
  • It supports Windows 7 OS and later which Net framework version 4.5, with RAM 1GB or higher, Min. 1GHz Processor and Disc space 30 MB.


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